Moving On Project

Moving on after a breakup isn't that fun when you're alone. Happiness and misery both love company.

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Office Romance Sucks

Maybe I’ll start with the time we were together…

See amd Talk over breakfast or lunch or after office dinner almost everyday until we have nothing exciting to talk about. Even office gossips ran out eventually.

During the first months to first year, seeing each other in the office was exciting and fulfilling. Eventually it came to a point where we take each other for granted because… We knew we’ll see each other tomorrow, the next day, the next full moon, the next christmas party or the next payday. Monotony killed the spark!

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4 Weeks

4 weeks have passed and still feeling raw
Everyday, everynight seem so slow
I miss seeing you in the office
Even if it breaks me to pieces.

I guess you’re avoiding me too.

I Checked your fb posts
You’re smiling, you’ve been traveling
Maybe you’re really happy
Going on without me.

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The Missing Piece

One very emotional day, I emailed my bestfriend ranting how unhappy I was. I wanted and still want something to complete me. As we all know, breakups take away a piece, a very big piece of our lives or for some, breakups take away their lives momentarily. And i was feeling that. It felt that the energy that used to go to my relationship was left unused which made me agitated everyday. My bestfriend emailed this link to me and though i wasn’t able to view the entirety of the book, I knew what it meant and grateful for having scrolled through it.

I found the part where it tried to look beautiful pitiful and when it tried to be noticeable, I remembered a friend of mine and it was sadly funny.

Have you read the ending? How was it?

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2 Weeks Ago

2 weeks ago, he broke my heart

2 weeks ago, my eyes are swollen like I swam on saltwater

2 weeks ago, I couldn’t even look at the memories we left

2 weeks ago, I can only think of how much I love him and how much he broke my heart

That was 2 weeks ago. He forgot the love he had for me.

2 weeks ago, I cried for him to come back

2 weeks ago, I pestered him for 3 days after the break up

2 weeks ago, I lost my respect for myself and his respect for me.

Because 2 weeks ago, I didn’t care for myself but cared for him and I.

That was 2 crazy weeks ago.

Now I’m definitely moving on and this is what my blog is all about.

If we’re on the same page, let’s take this journey together.

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